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A cohesive team of lawyers that are intensely focused on reaching commercial outcomes efficiently and in a cost effective manner. 

Our Team includes specialist wills and estates lawyers with experience in probate, estate planning, defending and challenging wills and all deceased estate matters.

David Simons

David Simons


SR LAW was founded by David Simons in 2005 with the objective to provide advice and expertise at the highest level, and is the founder of Aussie Wills & Estates the sister company of SR LAW.

Since then, the firm has grown to become a market leader in its practice areas.

We have achieved extraordinary results following the distinctive vision of our founder – a cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused on reaching commercial outcomes efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

The feedback we receive suggests we are committed to establishing and improving client relationships, through our collaborative approach and accessibility of our lawyers. Our innovative cloud-based client interface, coupled with traditional values and a reputation for delivering on our promises, means we provide value for money by consistently exceeding expectations.

George  Paltos - Aussie Wills & Estates

George Paltos - Aussie Wills & Estates

Lawyer - Wills & Estates team.

George is a qualified lawyer in NSW. He has an extensive range of experience in the field of Inheritance Law including the creation of Wills, Estate litigation, Family Provision Claims and Estates Mediation. He has worked with some of the premier Estates Barristers in Sydney and regional New South Wales. During his time George has been a part in many inheritance mattes, assisting counsel, writing submissions for cases that were heard in both the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of NSW, and has also assisted in countless Estates Supreme Court Judicial Settlements and court ordered private mediations with an emphasis on the resolution of inheritance estate disputes.

In simple terms this means that from spending so much time in court he knows what can go wrong and how to avoid it in relation to creating a Will or any other Estate issues.

He believes that the law should be accessible to everyone and takes a more holistic approach to his work, supporting local charities and communities around Australia.

Amanda Paulo

Amanda Paulo

Legal Assistant

After graduating from College in New York, Amanda started working and traveling which lead her to Australia. She is a quick learner and a team player with strong leadership skills through her previous work experience. She is always ready for new challenges and a chance to learn something new.

Amanda believes that good client relationships are essential to forming positive outcomes in the workplace and is an upbeat part of the team helping in all areas that need be. 

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