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Making and Challenging Wills Successfully Australia wide…

Aussie Wills & Estates was created to offer a specialised Wills and Estates service through our experienced and qualified lawyers. Australia has so many cultures both living and working together and that’s what make’s this country special. Our lawyers have many years experience in making, challenging and disputing Wills in NSW and across Australia, and we pay special attention to any culturally sensitive inheritance issues, including the creation of your Will. Our office is based in Bondi Junction in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs but we serve people Australia wide.

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Make a Will

Don’t play around with your family’s future, let us create a Will that is written by a Lawyer who is an expert in Wills and Estates Law.

Challenge a Will

Have you been unfairly left out of a Will ? Talk to an experienced Will’s Lawyer to be sure that you and your family’s interests are taken care of.

Defend a Will

Protect your Estate against unfair challenges. Our Lawyers are highly experienced at helping you Defend a Will that has been Challenged.

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Australian Will Statistics


Parents Die Without a Will in Australia

Aussie Parents Die Without Appointing a Guardian for their Children


50%+ wills are contested in Australia, usually due to poor construction or unfair terms.

Our Wills and Estates Services

Making a Will

The power to pass things on to the people you love...


The courts are full of people arguing about the structure and format of wrongly written Wills. I see this all the time. A Will is a complex document, and you need to have it written by a lawyer that specialises in Wills and Estates law. That’s what we do at Aussie Wills.

There is no such thing as a simple Will, Trusts, administration, Estate Planning Documents, Probate, they are all very complex issues that need professional care.

On top of that correct estate planning is also important because you want to minimise your tax implications and make the administration of your Will easy for your loved ones to handle. If you get it wrong it just becomes a big mess and you might as well have not written it in the first place and it may end up costing your loved ones more than they bargained for, especially if someone wants to dispute the Will and it ends up in court.

So, make sure you have and up to date Will, you review it at least every 5 years and most importantly its written by a professional lawyer in the field of Wills and Estates.

Challenge a Will

The power to pass things on to the people you love...

Challenge or Contest a Will

Have you been treated unfairly in an Estate matter or even left out completely?

The courts are full of cases where people put silly unfair terms in Wills or just totally leave family members out, it's hurtful and unnecessary.

In NSW the law requires that certain people are looked after in a Will, especially for their maintenance and education.

If you have been treated unfairly or not properly provided for, like you’ve only been left a small amount compared to what you think you deserve, it's likely that you have the right to contest the Estate, our team has plenty of experience, focused on getting the best results for our clients.

At Aussie Wills we only focus on these sorts of problems, your loved one may have been unduly influenced or lacked the capacity to actually write a Will or was even tricked into not leaving you anything from their estate.

In the majority of cases we can organise a negotiation called a mediation where we get together with the other parties and attempt to resolve the issues and get you some compensation or assets from the Estate into your hands.

Defend a Will

Protect an Estate against unfair challenges...

Defending a Will Against Unfair Claims

A no nonsense approach is essential when Defending any challenge to an Estate.
People challenge Estates because of greed or perceived unfairness, so we get straight to the point and push back hard by leading negotiations, settlement proceedings and court if need be.

If you’re the executor of an Estate, you are the person responsible to Defend and Distribute the Estate in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes and that’s where we step in to help.

Wills for Under 40's

Check out reasons why...

Wills for Younger People

If you’re young you probably haven’t even thought about a Will.

If something happens to you and you don’t have a Will your assets, including Super, household items and your pets will be distributed according to State Law.

Having a Will means having a say about where your possessions are distributed and to whom.

You can give things like surfboards, medals, memorabilia, cars, makeup, clothes, intellectual property and basically anything you want to a friend, family member or charity.

You can also make sure your kids or Pets have a happy home to go to as well.

Best of all a simple Will won’t break the bank, so get connected with our Team for more info…

Estate Planning for All Ages

Get Your Estate in order...

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of getting your affairs in order by preparing the important documents that will help to make sure that your wishes are followed when you are gone making the process less stressful for your family and friends.

At Aussie Estates, we care about providing comprehensive Estate Planning tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Get your affairs in order…

Deceased Estates, Probate & Administration

Leave the hard work to us...


When someone passes away their Estate must be distributed in accordance with their Will, we call this estate administration.

If somebody doesn’t have a Will their Estate will be distributed according to State Law.

These processes can be complex and stressful so leave the heavy lifting to us and we’ll help to ensure your loved one's last wishes are fulfilled…

Giving Back to the Community

We pride ourselves on giving back to the community. Every Will we create, we donate $50 to a charity of your choice. Giving back, one Will at a time…


No up front payments. We work with you to challenge or dispute a will and take our fee after settlement. This means you are never out of pocket and have nothing to lose!


Aussie Will Disputes Settled Before Court


Aussies Without a Will


Aussies Without a Will


Aussie Will Disputes Settled Before Court

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The Aussie Wills and Estates lawyers will help protect your loved ones financial interests once you are gone. We ensure all your years of hard work are not lost. Make sure your property and assets are left to those you love and want to provide a solid foundation and future for.

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Examples of cases we helped solve in our clients favour. Our Bondi wills and estates office is open for COVID safe appointments. Online appointments are available for Australia wide clientele.

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Testimonials from Happy Clients

“The Team at Aussie Wills took the time to create a Will that specifically suited my needs, having recently gone through a costly divorce I was really stressed out but George made the process realIy easy for me, now I can rest knowing that my kids are well looked after for the future”

Max Dipio

“George did a fantastic job on my Will, being 79 years old I left it a little late but George made the process easy and hassle free.”

Russo K

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